My site doesn't work in IE well :(

I am trying to figure it out why the hell my site not works properly in IE. It takes a lot of time to load in IE,6,7,8 … In FF and other Browsers It works fine. can anybody help me to figure it out ? what’s wrong with it ?

Works fine when I open the site in IE
but the color of the logo doesn’t match the background its on in IE for some reason.

Yes, it works for some users but not for all. If you see via firebug. there are many redirects in the code that slowing down the site.

IE = can’t be opened
chrome = good
mozilla = very good.

I think mozilla is the best browser today, many plugins and accessories.

It’s working absolutely well for me in IE and FF. In both browsers, it’s looking same.

Usually when it works in FF it means that your code is right, so it must be an IE problem.

I’m wondering if it’s something to do with the Doctype declaration causing IE to fail to recognise the Doc type and kick into Strict mode and render the page incorrectly sometimes. Dunno, not really my area of expertise…