My site disappear after theme changing?


My website theme was altered yesterday, and as a result, my website was removed from Google search results. I have a lot of ranking keywords, but they all disappeared on Google today. It’s a significant financial loss for me. Please advise me on what I should do in this situation. Should I go back to the original theme?


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Simply changing the theme should not affect your site rankings. You might want to check that you haven’t inadvertently set a robots noindex meta tag, but even if that’s the case, it usually takes some time to remove links from Google. It doesn’t happen overnight.

Have you checked Google Search Console?

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I agree with @TechnoBear

A simple change in appearance does not provoke that your site disappears from Google search results. The quality of the code may affect to loading speed and other factors that help you rank higher, but that’s it.
Now, if you’re so certain that the theme is causing the problem, certainly, revert to your previous theme.
This will give you time to check why the new theme seems to make you disappear from the search.

And the only thing that I can think of is a noindex meta tag.

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Did the theme alter the page URLs at all?
Such as if you previously had:-
and now it’s:-
That would mess up your indexing, and in turn your ranking, as the ranking pages would now give a 404 error.
Otherwise I don’t see how the theme would affect you.


Thankyou @TechnoBear @SamA74
I am a newbie and did not know what you are really want to say. I have not heard about these noindex tags. Can you please do it for me?

When you talked about changing the theme, I assumed your site is built using Wordpress. I don’t use it myself, so I’m not sure how the tags are generated. I know they can be managed through the Yoast plug-in, if you are using that.

Setting the tag on a page to “noindex” tells seach engines not to include that page in search.

Ohh thanks, may this help on the website. My website is still in its previous position.
may it helps,

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