My site blocked my ip. Where do I look to fix?


I run my own dedicated server. One of my sites have blocked my IP from viewing the site, FTP, and cpanel. I have a couple laptop that are able to log in and view the site normally, however just my main pc has been blocked somehow. I checked in cpanel of the site’s “IP Deny Manager” and no IPs were displayed there. I also have CSF installed on my server however I checked the blocked IP list and my IP is not listed. On top of that, I have my IP set up as a allowed IP. This is happneing on just one of a few websites on my server.

Where else should I be looking to fix this problem? Seems like I checked everything…

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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What software are you running on your hosting? A CMS? Wordpress perhaps? Something else? It’s quite possible that your software has the ability to block IP’s, I know mine has.


If you’ve been messing around in httpd.conf (or equivalent) or httpd-vhosts.conf or (most likely) .htaccess, it’s possible you’ve messed up the code and blocked your own IP address when you meant to only allow your desktop to access something.

Use one of your laptops (or a VPN for the desktop) to EDIT your .htaccess via FTP to check it out - at least to see what is there.



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