My sidebar goes down instead of aligning to the right

my sidebar goes down on desktop here instead of aligning to the right can you help

I don’t see any problem. Can you post a screenshot?

On which browser and at which screen size does this occur?



Which browsers, at which screen sizes?

Does the issue still occur if you are not logged in? (You might want to remove your log-in name from that screenshot.)

chrome at 100%resolution

yes the issue still occur even if not logged in

I don’t even see a side bar on your screenshot.

Have you tried other browsers? Is only Chrome affected?

I cannot reproduce the issue in Chrome, either. What is the screen size in pixels at which this occurs? Is it OK at narrower screen sizes?

Does the issue affect all pages, or only the one you linked to?

It’s an ad problem. I couldn’t see the issue because I have an ad blocker installed. This is your site with ads turned off. If I turn the blocker off (which shows the ads), it gives the look you show.

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So what should i do if my ad & sidebar both are required

only category pages it shows problem …for mozilla it shows same problem

I don’t use Wordpress, and I can’t reproduce your issue, but if it’s not displaying as you want, then you’ll need to adjust the CSS to fit your requirements.

The reason the sidebar drops is there isn’t enough room. Your cm-container div has a max-width of 1170px, 30px of which is taken up by padding, so you really have 1140px of space available for content…


  1. change the size of the ads being rendered
  2. change the placement of the ads being rendered
  3. change the markup/css to allow for more space in the page for those rogue ads.

Ads are setup automatically by google so cant help by using your 1st & 2nd step

can u give css

You can choose which size ads are being rendered. Don’t allow the large banner ones to be rendered since they’re the ones breaking your layout.

Or change your layout so it doesn’t have the fixed width (I gave you the class earlier which sets the width), but that’s going to require some additional changes to make it look right because fixed vs responsive layouts have different things to be concerned with.

Is it possible for you to give responsive css

Look at the places where you set widths as px. Change them to use % or em/rem instead. You may find you need to add some min-widths and/or max-widths, and those you can set in px if you’d like.

But you may find some other behavior you weren’t expecting. So test each page thoroughly to ensure it displays as you’d like.

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Sidebars are tricky. I’ve been trying to make mine sticky for a while now.

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