My question about firefox 4 was moved

Hi, about a week ago I posted a question about my concern with using firefox 4 in this thread.
Since that thread was about browser topic I thought it was ok to post my question there. But I guess it was moved somewhere else and I couldn’t find it now. I don’t want to create another thread for that. Hope you can help locating that question I have posted (if it wasn’t deleted). I’m sorry for the trouble. Thank you so much.

you can try again and find your view history to have a look

No problem, it wasn’t deleted but moved to the Hardware and Software section so you would hopefully get a better response.
It’s here:


Just as a hint, if you ever loose threads, go to one of your posts, click on your username, and then click “Find More Posts by <your username>”. That will list the last 1024 posts (I don’t know why it’s limited to that) you’ve made. That way you can always find your threads if they’re moved.

As an alternative you could also use the advanced search of the forums of course.

(I’m not saying this because that’s what you should have done, I’m saying it because you could do it in the future :))

Thanks Spike. Took me a while to come back here in this forum. Been very sick lately-was diagnosed with gastroentiritis that is. Anyways, Thanks for the help. I have just checked that thread though and couldn’t find any good answer so far.

Thanks bro. This could really save me from a lot of headaches. :slight_smile: