My page background has disappeared

Hi - any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated! I use a template to create some of my secondary pages and the background seems to have dropped out. When I view the template page I can see the background, and I can see it referred to in the code (it’s called ltbluesky) but then when I apply the template to the page it disappears.

Here’s my home page showing the background: Astrology readings, consultations, articles, astrology blog, podcast
And it’s the pages in this group where the background disappears: Skywatch! Monthly astrological updates and planetary cycles

Thanks in advance!


No mystery there. The page that doesn’t work is looking for:

But that’s not where the image is. It’s at:

Thank you so much! That seems to have worked and I’m sorry to be so late with my thank you, I was away from the computer all day yesterday.

But now I have another problem - the file I uploaded yesterday which should be here: is empty! I have tried uploading it all different ways. It should look just like the others and this has never happened before. Any idea what could have happened?

The problem is some careless editing in the 4th line:

<title>Lynn's Skywatch: Planetary Illuminations from Lynn/title>

That, of course, needs to be:

<title>Lynn's Skywatch: Planetary Illuminations from Lynn</title>

That was indeed careless. But I have fixed it and there’s still no page showing when I go to the link…

Thanks again Early Out!

It’s still wrong. Now, you have:

<title>Lynn's Skywatch: Planetary Illuminations from Lynn/<title>

It has to be:

<title>Lynn's Skywatch: Planetary Illuminations from Lynn</title>

THANK YOU!! Weird how that one little thing would make the whole page disappear. I really appreciate it.

Not weird at all - it’s just a question of syntax. If you have a <title> tag, the browser says, “OK, everything after that is part of the page title, until I see a closing </title> tag.” So, with no closing tag, the browser would think that everything on that page was just the title.