My own images in guest post?

I have written a text that I will publish as a guest post on a blogg.

My question is whether I can attach a couple of my images which they will publish in the post? I use some of the images on my website. Will that be regarded as some sort of “duplicate content” and be penalized by the Google.

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You can easily attach the same images in the post.It wont be regarded as duplicate since google mostly looks for duplicate links but images are ignored.


Actually using images that you already have on your website would be something I would never do, as it will fall under duplicate image. First thing is that, if you are writing for a good blog, they would never approve images that are already used, even if they do, I believe Google would have problems with it.

If you have got good and new images related to the post you are writing, you can definitely include it to your post and I believe the blog owners would appreciate it too, unless it falls under their standards.

You just need to put your own alt text with the image and it would be original for you.

Use href to the original image locations; problem solved.

Basically Google dont care if you have copied a image from other source you just need to give a credit of that image on your guest post but you should know that you article must b original and you can give credit to original site of your image.

Image can’t be read by search engines but texts within the image can be read so you can get benefit of keywords, you can use your keywords in the image as well.

What you are mentioning is like fooling search engines just for an image. Why should you add different alt tags to the same images and fool around?

Instead you can either edit the photo a bit or use some other photo, isn’t it?

you can use that image and give your own image title and ALT text. if that image had copy rights you want to put the url of the image, where you found on internet.

You can use same images with different ALT text:)

Yeah …I agree with Austin80ss,
Google consider only those image duplicate which having same ALT tag. One more thing Google consider duplicate content and penalized them not image (Means Google never penalized image having different alt tag ).