My 'next' and 'prev' buttons disappears

Hi everyone… I am not a code guy… I am very new at this thing. I am a photographer and trying to get something going with pixelpost. I am trying to get the pictures in each category cycle just in that category. Pixelposts have addons or plug in to make this work …link to the add on is

But after activating it…I am missing my next and prev buttons and replaced by some category numbers(?).

It looks like this

Below is where I have added the tags…

<li class=“left”><IMAGE_PREVIOS_URL_CATEGORY></li>
<li class=“left” style=“text-align:center”></li>
<li class=“right” style=“text-align:right”><IMAGE_NEXT_URL_CATEGORY></li>

Can anyone help me to figure out what is going on here? Thank you…

Check out this link:

Hope this may help!!

Thta addon is the reason I posted that question… I used the same add on and that’s when all this happened. I used the addon and my links for prev and next disappeared… I like that add on but cannot make it work… not sure what happened. I have asked for help there at Pixelpost forums but no answers :confused: Thank you for replying and also for looking that up…