My new favorite quote to vegetarians


A genuine LOL for this one:


I’ve eaten crocodile, I’ve eaten dogfish, which is kind of a shark (people do eat proper sharks).
So far neither have eaten me.
I rule the food chain!

I’ve had ostrich, we used to get it minced to make into really low fat burgers. It does need a lot of seasoning though, as it can be quite bland if you’re not careful.

You should try just using Cremini or Portobello Mushrooms. Low fat but meaty and tasty.

Unfortunately, if I did that, my nearest and dearest might well disown me for good.

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Not taking sides here to each their own eat what you will bugs included in some cultures, but just saying a couple things here.

First the various catagories here meat, no meat or combination will never agree. Just like in most other aspects of our life.

What I want to say is I think your body tells you what food to eat. How many times have you been in a situtation where you eat something and are not satisfied and are craving more until you finally eat something that hits the spot? Maybe because it had something that your body needed.

One thing I do think is odd is most resturants that are meat heavy will offer a vegetarian section on the menu so meat eaters and veggie eaters can dine together, on the other hand most veggie places don’t offer a meat section on the menu not even a simple veggie free soup for example chicken noodle for those who don’t want all or any veggies.

Often times, yes. I’ve heard of children who don’t get enough calcium in their diet will eat chalk when they are at school.

On the flip side, there are the conscientious objectors who, despite what their body tells them it needs, will never touch this or that. And then there are the picky eaters - a whole 'nother category.


Speaking from experience? :wink:

There’s a new hummus commecial that’s been playing locally recently, and at the end the father says “You know what this would be REALLY good on? Meat!” I laugh every time because a) it’s true and b) the actress playing the daughter who has introduced him to this hummus pulls off the offended act really well.

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Yes! My wife looks at me and says “That is something you would say”, and I simply respond, “It isn’t my fault he is one smart individual!?!” :smile:


Sorry for reviving this thread. But these phrases are fantastic. I especially liked the idea of “bacon seeds”. Thank you for your humor, guys.