My modifications with x7chat

Hey guys. So I was looking back at some of my favorite PHP softwares and I remembered that x7chat hasn’t been updated for a long time. So I started looking at the source code and found that some things needed modifications such as the password hashing system. It was horrible and seemed like it too was out dated. So I decided to modify x7chat so that it can be up to par. The only problem I find is that I cannot get in contact with the original owner - Tim. I tried searching for his social network accounts, but came up empty. I do in fact know that he goes by the forum username E-oreo. However, he’s been inactive since 2014 on the site I saw him last.

Any who, so I also added a few things in x7chat since to me, it seemed to be missing some stuff. I kept the copyright stuff the same because the original author is Tim.

Let me know what you guys think. I made minor modifications such as adding onclick="return false;" to href="#" because it was annoying seeing the hashtag in the URL. I also removed the PHP errors that seemed to be the problem for installing x7chat and the fatal error that gets prompt when you ban yourself or other people. I believe it was an undefined error. Also, the SQL tables were out dated as well. NOT NULL returns a PHP fatal error when inserting empty data into said columns. So I changed all those to NULL except the primary keys.

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