My lists is NOT showing bullets

(this is just so search doesnt crawl my dev)

Under the OGS Industries Highlights, there is a list and I specifically have a list-style-type on it and it’s still not showing. I checked Developer Tools and there is no where that I can see where there is another UL calling out a list-style-type of none.

I’m really at a lost here.


user: ogs


You set the list item to display:block and therefore it is no longer a list item because the display value for that is list-item.:slight_smile:

#homeContent #highlightsHome li {
[B]    display: list-item;[/B]
    font-size: 11pt;
    [B]margin: 7px 7px 0 15px;[/B]
    text-align: left;

You also needed some left margin to bring the bullet into view.

Ah cool! Thanks Paul! :slight_smile: