My kids would call this "the funnest thing ever"

Or at least “the funnest thing today.”

If you want to cheat, and see what the article is about, go here: but only if you were one of the kids that peeked at all his/her Christmas presents a week in advance.

Thought about posting this in Web Design, but aside from the neato-keeno design/code behind the effect, for me it’s about a spiffy way to present text content.

I think you should post both links in Web Design. It’s way cool, but coolest is after you have read the first article the second link lets you see it in action!

OH I TAKE IT BACK! This is great content from both links. Leave it here! (I thought it was posted in a secret decoder forum.)

:slight_smile: Web Design shouldn’t get all the good stufz.

That decoder glass idea is really cool!

This is perfect if you want to entice your visitors to do a certain action which in this case, hovering their mouse on a particular section of your page.

Exactly… get going with decoder glass idea. Check how things go and later you can go for other options, in case you need them.

What ‘other options’ would you suggest?

Great Post.

I think that this alternate implementation of the “Anything Zoomer” is going to be used a lot on the web. CSS is changing so fast and I am trying to keep up with it.

Really cool! I want to make my own decoder!

By the looks of things it’s only one image displaying, the magic is in the lenses.

Edit: nope it’s two images, but I really think you only need one to do this effect.