My Jquery works offline but not Online [Solved]

Hi there I am using this Jquery plugin.
It works absolutely fine when I preview it offline but when I upload it to my hosting account it shows nothing but a blank white screen.

Here is the link to the Html:

Here are the links of JS file being used:(They are in “JS” folder in the same directory ‘Counter’)


Please help me and tell me why is this happening?

I don’t know if this is the issue or not but that looks like a code canyon script which needs a licence to be paid for. I am unfamiliar with how their licences work but guess the script would contain some sort of licence code check before you could use it online.

If you have indeed purchased the script or it is not the same as the script I linked to then you will have to wait for someone more erudite than me to come along and advise what the real problem is :slight_smile:

well if that is the case then look here:

This code is for free use downloaded from

Even that is not working :confused:

Is this where you are storing jquery on your server?

Maybe try:-
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OMG You saved the day! Thank you so much brother!

I forgot to add http:// before ajax.

Yes that’s a path issue which Sam has kindly pointed out but is not the same issue as in your original script. :slight_smile:

Your original script was not working online and was nothing to do with path names because I copied the whole script to my server and uploaded a whole new page which worked locally but not online so I know the issue wasn’t related to path names as such.

Anyway glad that you have another script that is working and doing as you wanted :slight_smile:

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