My Hosting service is killing me

I have the site
It is down for a long time …almost one month. I tried to contact the hosting services they are not responding accordingly. :frowning:
Finally I made some changes from the Cpanel and installed the CMS again. The site was then running well.
I changed the name servers to a free CDN name servers (Cloudeflare). After a few hours I wasn’t been able to go to the site. It shows this page :
Then I put the names of my original name servers again. waited for a day. But result the same !
I thought I will try to get the database from the Cpanel to get into another hosting service. But I now I cannot access to my CPanel :eek:
Cpanel is also down. What can I do now. Not getting the site , not the database I am ruined. Any suggestions ?? Please …

You could install phpmyadmin or similar to access your database. You should of course make regular backups of your database so you can avoid scenarios like this.

Ask your hosting company? They are there to support you. If they don’t - find one that will work harder for your business.


Maintain your own backups always. no matter what backups the webhost offers.

My hosting company is not responding. But I was able to enter the Cpanel and I get by database imported by phpmyadmin. Then I tried to export the database to another hosting. But after uploading it shows bad gateway error. I am feeling so bad. And if try to go to my site this message appears
The webpage at might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.
That means i am not getting my site back right. :expressionless:

The error tells you exactly what is wrong - you are missing the wordpress config file. You need to upload it or create a new one.

You might be able to solve two problems, with one move. Signup for a hosting account with a company that will do the web site migration for you. With their expertise and experience at hosting, they should be able to successfully migrate your site.

I uploaded the wp-config.php. It is also not working. After the database uploaded it showed the bad gateway error 502. WHat is wrong actually ?? :expressionless:

You need to unzip wordpress, it can’t operate in a zip file form

I think, you missed something while connecting to your data base. Please recheck to your setting database with Cpanel, CMS, CDN then make a report what you missed or not. If still you find unsatisfied answer then you have to consult with your host provider otherwise you can solve this issue entirely.

Tanjilovi, I hope that you were able to resolve your issues and everything worked out for the best in the end. Potentially losing your site’s data can be beyond nerve wrecking.
This thread reminds me of two of the most important items that should always be considered when hosting your website. Choose a host that has a good reputation and many different means of contact. There are so many, what I call, fly by night hosting companies, out there today that you just can’t overall afford to not take some time and research the company where you decide to host your data. My second point is, Keep your own backups. If you get stuck with a bad host and you don’t have your own copies than you end up losing your data and data generally represents time and money. Choose a reputable host that has been in the industry for some time, read reviews on the host you choose before you sign up and always keep your own current backups.

I have the same problem with I’m using byethost

Time to choose a new hosting company?

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