My Google reCAPTCHA code goes off screen on a mobile

Hi All

I have made a website and everything works fine except for on a mobile the Google reCAPTCHA code does not shrink enough to fit on the screen… screenshot below (I hope)

Any throughs or ideas on how to fix this or is this just something that has to be lived with?


Hi there mrmbarnes,

if you provide a link to page in question,
it will give members a golden opportunity
to actually witness your problem and
maybe even resolve it for you. :biggrin:


Hi there mrmbarnes,

the “Google reCAPTCHA” appears to have a fixed width of 304px.

You will have to take that issue to “Google”, perhaps they have
other dimension options.

Under normal stances it would fit on most mobile devices, but your
page’s left and right padding values are preventing this. :eek:

This CSS …

@media ( max-width:22em ) {
main {
    padding: 3% 1% 0 1%;

.g-recaptcha > div {
    margin: auto;

…will rectify your problem, as it stands, somewhat.


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