My Golden Tip To Get All My Site Indexed Instantly

I have joined SP for long time but have not invested much time but i am just here to share with you of what i have lots for around two years for free.

i could get my blog indexed no less than 24 hrs after i create new blog or new post. this is how i do it.

i use gmail msg to send my link to another gmail account. so i have two gmail accounts so if i send my link from one account to another then i open the msg i just sent i see that google have crawled the link and get my site instantly.

why i can say so? you can see that when u open that email, you will see the ads that gmail show u has a good similar ads to ur link. this same ads mean google have already crawled ur site and it will indexed soon.

how you think?

I’d be interested too, How’s this for the experiment contstraints:

New site just launched
NO backlinks at all
NO sitemap.xml or robots.txt file
NOT submitted to Google or any other search engine
NO pings sent
link in email contains ONLY the domain name NOT link text
domain name is not indicative of any site content
email text does not have keywords or words at all only something like:
“Hi, visit

I agree with you. But why don’t someone else try this method and show us the result???

I don’t know about you guys but my WP blogs get indexed almost instantly! Maybe its because the pinping what seriocomic was talking about

I’d have to agree, to a certain extent. You see, it all depends on what you’re trying to get indexed. If you’re trying to get a Squidoo post, new blog, or backlinks indexed, it does take some work, if you would like to get these types of pages INSTANTLY indexed. Otherwise, it will usually take a few days.

On the other hand, an older blog usually gets pages indexed almost instantly, depending on the number of backlinks it has coming in from other sites. I know from experience, that a few of the blogs I have, new posts are crawled and indexed within 1 - 2 minutes after posting.

If you want your site to get index faster by Goolge, submit your site to social bookmarking and social networking sites. Those sites are often visit by search engine.

Because you assume that there’s is no other reason for this to occur - or make a statement that represents that assumption.

You state that it’s a blog - are you talking a brand-new site that’s getting indexed? or a new post on the blog?

If its a blog, then it probably has some form of pinging functionality turned on - e.g:

Especially if your “blog” is powered by the more popular scripts - WordPress, Typepad, Blogger, MoveableType etc…

I’m just saying, unless your the nature of your testing is controlled then you need to be careful making a claim like that - see design of experiments for more information.

The number one reason claims get debunked is because the claimant hasn’t followed rigorous procedures that prevent external factors impacting their results.

yah i agree to you but what i have personally applied to it and i see that i got result with it. So why u refuse with what i contribute :)?

Hey! :slight_smile:

I have never tried this method, but it’s quite interesting. I’m not really sure how it would work, but if it does, that would kind of surprise me. Then again, it kind of wouldn’t, because Google is crazy. lol I guess what I am trying to say is, “You never know.” On the other hand, I know how to get indexed pretty easily, if you guys are interested. In fact, I can get a new Squidoo Lens indexed overnight, and many backlinks also indexed overnight. Now, the program I purchased is called Backlink Energizer. Its kind of like Backlink Booster, except it only uses a few free blog sites… such as Typepad and LiveJournal, to name 2.

Here’s how Backlink Energizer works: You setup the program, and you choose feeds from popular websites. You sign up for Typepad, Livejournal, Wordpress, and a few other sites like those (the program tells you what to sign up for), and then you enter your login information into Backlink Energizer.

Backlink Energizer will then automatically post (an autoblog) to your website, the content from other websites, from the full feeds that you entered into the program. Don’t worry about content duplication… we’re only trying to get our pages indexed, remember. It will also post links on the feeds, and these links to your backlinks, squidoo, blogs, or articles will be indexed overnight.

In my experience, almost 100% of my backlinks have been indexed, and 100% of my Squidoo lenses have been indexed, OVERNIGHT. Works really well.

The program is a Wordpress Plugin. If you know how to create auto blogs, you could just do this all yourself, FREE.

Of course it doesn’t makes a difference, because faster indexing doesn’t means better ranking :slight_smile:

Same here. I said within hours but it would be more accurate if I had said within minutes.

And what’s the big deal about instantly anyway? Does it really make any difference if a post is indexed now or a few minutes from now or a few hours, maybe even a day?

Sure, instantly sounds like it should be better I guess, but is it really?

What scares me about this is that people with no clue will buy into it and propagate the theory on this and other forums…

I suggest you:

  1. read Correlation does not imply Causation
  2. understand that the adserving technology is a script, not a bot/crawler. A bot/crawler requires access to content - your gmail content is password protected.

TBH I’m surprised that getting indexed is an issue at all for anyone.

When I first started my blog I submitted it (the URL and sitemap.xml file) via Google Webmaster Tools.
It was indexed within hours

When I write a new post, WordPress pings Google.
They are indexed within hours

No plugins (except Sitemap Generator which may help), no fancy tricks.