My fonts appear bold but they shouldn't be!


I have made the first page of my website, the only oddities being: a Jquery rotator and @font-face.

I am doing something wrong however because the fonts (apart from the Nav) all appear bold. I have put font-weight:normal; and font-style: normal; all over the css but to no avail. I am sure the problem comes from the way I am using @font-face.

Does anyone have any pointers, the page address is pasted below.

Many thanks to all


the Web page:

Hi Cass, just had a quick look and the style sheet is not loading or is empty! Check your uploaded files!!
(css/crc-main.css is totally blank)

Thanks for responding so quickly – I can’t explain that one! But it is fixed now.



Calluna-Regular looks quite a heavy font to start with, maybe replace the regular for the light font to see if it makes a difference.

Well the problem there is that the Nav also uses Calluna-Regular and it is a lovely and light! Well I believe it is Calluna - hell it must be. Now I am starting to doubt everything!

Thanks for trying SpikeZ