My first Wordpress-based website

Hi all,

I’ve just finished and uploaded my first Wordpress-based website which uses a number of plugins to make it as easy as possible to update, mainly based around Advanced Custom Fields or similar plugins.

I’d welcome feedback on the design and UX of the website - bear in mind that the text and images are all temporary.

Many thanks!

What, you’re not going to walk my ferret? :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice design, though I found it a little difficult to navigate once i’d gone down to one of the subsections - there’s no quick way to move back/around to another section - might want to look into making that top menu sticky in some way, or at least have a “back to top” kind of thing.

It looks pretty clean to me. How many plugins have you used? Are you using premium/free plugins or building your own? For the sake of the security I will advice you to avoid free plugins and keep updating those you have already used.

Looking forward to see more of your work.

Considering the services you offer, your website is good. The best part is it is clean and simple rather than those cluttered websites. As you said that text will be changed, I would suggest you keeping it precise.
Have you taken a professional help or designed it your own?

Haha afraid not! Well, maybe for the right price :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks for the feedback, really helpful! The site already features a back to top but I’ll have a look into implementing the sticky header - thanks!

Thanks! I’ve got 8 total plugins installed but most of those are or related to Advanced Custom Fields - all are free. It’s doubtful I’ll be adding any more to be honest. Thanks, really appreciate it! I’ll be adding more to my portfolio site in time to come if you want to take a peek :slight_smile:

Thank you, really appreciate the feedback! This is really just a demo website for the moment but I’m hoping a potential client will take an interest and want to use it for their own business. This was all designed and developed by me from scratch - apart from the icons which I can’t take any credit for (they’re from Font Awesome).

So I looked into applying a “sticky header” and it caused issues with the z-index of the header as a whole since the navigation is nested within it (saves duplicating the navigation just for mobile). I think the “Back to top” is enough but I’m open to suggestions!

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