My first website that has animations

This website is for my full-time job, its a web development agency and they just need a website.

The most challenging part is positioning the contents. Images were the most difficult since I’ve been using position absolute and relative all the time.

I love how I achieved the look and feel of the website content and basic parallax animations, plus I learned a new skill in CSS which is Keyframes!

The glowing yellow is animated with CSS keyframes and Parallax effect on the gate, astronaut and front ground:

The same parallax is applied no the planet, moon and ground:

I just dislike the positioning part…I have a feeling something is wrong…

Of course it’s still under development so it won’t be the perfect finished product now.

Since absolute positioning could have problems of its own…and when web responsiveness came out it made even more problems…I do not think that absolute positioning on each break point is a good practice but that’s my knowledge limit for now.

If you have any articles about positioning best practices please share it with me if you may.

Thank you.

I moved your thread to the CSS category so that you have a better chance at having your CSS (positioning) questions answered. IMHO, there are very few situations where absolute positioning is a good choice - especially in the area of responsiveness (and responsiveness is a very important part of a website).

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You might try positioning the top right text by CSS Flexbox.

Also, don’t think of responsiveness as an afterthought. You should be testing it at each stage along with the desktop version, if possible.

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