My First Website in Wordpress


Im just learning wordpress…im planning to do a website for pets…like shop details and products sale

Login for shop owner…for adding details about the products for sale…

Can anyone help me in settings like users,links,settings,tools??

I just want to avoid comments…leave a reply form…archive…categories…

How to implement this can anyone help me in starting the website

thanx in advance

Comments and the reply form can be disabled.

Can you provide us with more information? What do you want to tackle first?

Usually I would style them out. This way you can always add them again by deleting the display:none from your stylesheet.

Due to the wordpress simplicity, people love to go with it. I am personally using wordpress for blog creation. Just in Quick time ( Install template, configure ad ons like all in one seo, xml sitemap, analytics etc. ). Now put your post and it’s ready to use.