My first few weeks with LiquidWeb

I am running on a liquidweb shared server. My review is as follows:

Signup was easy, but it took over 24 hours to have my shared server ready. Felt a bit unorganized as I had to go through emails to figure out the update of my server etc. With the shared service you don’t have complete access to the server, so I often have to go onto the live support to have them add a sub domain, change mx records etc.

The support is very good as it is available 24/7, but some of their technicians aren’t too great. I had to contact them 3-4 times because someone kept using the wrong Google apps mx records and my mail server wasn’t propagating correctly. Other than that the support has been fast, kind and easily accessible.

To date I’ve only had one outage that has last about 20-30 minutes.

Other than the issue above I have no complaints. Overall service is fast, friendly and reliable. I would recommend them.

Thanks for your review, glad to see you’re happy with them. I’ve seen other positive reviews on them before, so they must be doing something right :slight_smile:

However, in order for your review to be valid, could you please the following information (as per the sticky in this forum):

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If you don’t do this I’d have to remove your review and that would be a shame!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Sorry about that. Doesn’t look like I can edit above

I am in no way affiliated with liquidweb.
I have been hosted with them for about 2-3 weeks now
I am still hosted with them
Shared hosting plan

Domains hosted at LW: /

Thanks marcom :slight_smile:

Just wanted to add to this thread as I am using for a virtual dedicated server for a fairly high traffic website. The setup was nice and the support is great. I like the cPanel and I have a Linux configuration with root shell access. So far I have had no downtime on this particular server. Their monitoring team is great at spotting and resolving problems so I don’t have to keep watching the server myself. I also like how they are a Michigan company (which the state really needs). I would definitely recommend them. :slight_smile: