My final query; Lots of minor problems

This is my final table query. After this all of the IDs will have been removed and many unnecessary classes will have gone, but this table is messy and doesn’t do what I hoped it would do.

The page is

There are 32 addresses all in the same format, so solving the first one is all that’s needed. So here goes:

  1. After all the names there are three boxes.There should be a line round them but a border collapse from somewhere is prevent that showing. I cannot see that with Chrome’s inspect, but if I add the element it solves that problem

  2. The box marked totals should stretch over Males Females & Persons. It has a colspan of 3 but doesn’t do it.

  3. The three numbers below TOTAL should be in alignment with M F & P

  4. The number 5 should be centred under the paragraph Write below etc

  5. The two tables don’t next propery. I guess that’s because of the wrapper settings

I know this is a big ask but I’m completely stuck

I don’t about others, but I cannot locate the “three boxes after all the names” that are not outlined in boxes. Where in the markup is this?

There are so many tables on this page. Have you considered moving to images of the tables, or does it need to be HTML accessible?

Thanks for your interest. I have sorted it now. I got a bit lost after working too much on it.

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