My Experience with Google Yesterday!

Well can you imagine your life without Google?No we can’t because now its an important part of our like.
Yesterday strange thing happened as usual I opened my browser and hot, and whats this I got an error “Sorry we cannot proceed further with the search as we think your computer or network is sending automated query” I was completely shocked as I never send anything like that, what happened??

I started to check if there is any virus or something in my PC?
Then found there is a plugin in firefox called web page rank checker which checks page rank of every pages ,with backlink for all search engine and display on header of browser.I immediately removed it and was waiting for response from Google.

And yes after 1 day my google start working again.They removed ban from my ip.
So for nearly 20 hours I was unable to use Google.and I must tell you its very difficult to survive without Google.

Lesson: Never use any plugins or tool which are sending automated query to any search engine.It can be web rank tool or any seo tool.They may ban your ip.

Yes, bad surprise I guess :slight_smile:
I remember one day there was a worldwide problem with google, it made the news :slight_smile: