My employer might have stole my design idea

Basically I work as a Locum (Agency) at my current work place… The way they share and view the client information is highly insecure… staff take their client information home and loose it anywhere which expose alot of risk to their client.

So I found a quick secure note pad online for personal use… my colleague saw it and they really like and they think it my help and reduce risk of loosing information on street or anywhere.

I show this to the management and they loved it as well, but then they started asking so many options for the small application email. e.g can we have on it, can we have that on it.

I said yes but then I will have to a new app for that. As I have background in website development I started sketching the prototype for the new app whilt am doing this the manage as for the idea of having client information on our smart phone to their IT team that this is what I came up with.

The manage call me to the office at one point to discuss that the IT might be interested and they will get me to write a proposal. I didn’t here anything from the management for nearly 4 month now. All of the sudden a colleague reported to me the IT send a message to them that we are now reviewingredients how you can be viewed and writing your client information on smartphone application and we will let you know once that is ready to go.

Am really stunned by this and I think my idea as being taking away even though the service never thought about this for almost 30years running that it possible.

What can I do… sorry if my story is a much.

Did you do this work on company time? If so, it may be company property. Check your employee manual.

Hi leksmaster welcome to the forum

Talk to a Lawyer.

I do not know what the Law is, but AFAIK “ideas” can not be copyrighted.

What can have copyright is how the idea is brought to becoming a reality.
In this case, the code involved.

A lot may depend on the contract agreement you have with your employer and how much of your work they used.

It sounds like your role was more of a consultant and others did the actual coding.

Hi thanks for your reply… no i did this work on my spare time at home and when am commuting to work.

What is AFAIK idea… am definitely not a consultant for the idea… we both agree verbally on the idea and the design of the application and I was told they will forward to the IT and take it from there. Why all of the sudden the are bringing out the solution to a long time problem.

AFAIK - As Far As I Know

Verbal agreements can be a problem. It becomes a matter of one persons word against another.

How so? It sounds to me that exactly describes your involvement.
You were asked for your opinions and you gave them,
In essence, you helped to establish the specifications. i.e. “what the app should do”.

If the IT department wrote the code to meet the specifications, it would be their code.

Sadly you will probably find any ideas had whilst working for an employer will belong to them. Companies like Dyson own any idea you have for a 2 year period after you stop working for them. Basically to stop you leaving and setting up a rival company immediately. Universities are the same. If you have a good idea don’t ever tell a company and set it up yourself and get it working before you start at a company so they can’t claim it.

The ‘Big bang theory’ comedy touched on this in one episode where they had an idea they wanted to sell and the university would have to get a cut of the profits even though the idea was nothing to do with the university.

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