My E-commerce website on Used mobiles

So this is a website I did id for used mobiles .

It would be great if you could give me some constructive feedback on how we can improve our site.

There is nothing there except a form to enter what I assume is the shop admin page.

(Link has been fixed, @Rubble.)

Hi @HiralPatel and welcome to the forums.

Is this a college project? If so, let us know and we can tailor our feedback appropriately.

Are there any particular issues or areas you’d like feedback on? For example, your content, your design or the ease of use? The more information you can give us about your project and what you want to achieve, the easier it will be for us to give you helpful feedback.

yes this the college assignment so i want some feedback about content, color and all…

Looks Good designed well, good balance with color and white spaces overall good job, if it would be a real world i would have purchase iPhone6 good price for it :wink: (y)

I found that this website is well designed, Well organised and good color. Prices for cellphone is too low so want to buy some device.

It is good but some important things, that you must consider in your e-commerce website is reviews page or feedback form. Also, you need a unique and eye-catching description fro your products. It work greatly for your e-commerce website.

As has been mentioned, you could do with more information about the phones.

As these are used phones, I would expect there to be a limited number of each - possibly just one of each. Your system does seem to have some limit on the number of phones available to order, but it’s not clear quite how this works. Something to indicate how many of each model are available would be a good idea.

There is also some kind of glitch in your system, as it’s possible to add a negative number of an item to your cart which (unsurprisingly) gives strange results.

I think there may also be a problem with your “catalogue” menu item. It has a down arrow, indicating a drop-down, and something appears, but whatever it is, it isn’t working correctly.

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