My E-books

i just wrote 5 e-books about making money on the internet and i am lookin for ways in which i could sell them .maybe to websites or individuals any ideas anyone


you wrote 5 ebooks on how to make money but you don’t know how to sell them?

what’s funny about this picture?


I know rudy! Perhaps looking for content for his 6th book, the first five volumes were just introductions! :wink:

C’mon… the guy tries… only that self-promotion is not permitted in SP! :smiley:

But yep, I agree that writing books about making money and asking how to sell those books don’t help to build trust.

Sounds pretty standard as far as most authors of how to make money on the Internet to me.

Surely :lol: you must be joking? Are you not the expert?

And a question: How long have you been contributing to this forum?

^it’s a good point !! :cool: