My div keeps drop down

Hi, Can you help me please,i have problem on my div it will always drop down,here is the scenario…

first,after i filled all the required fields by clicking the button there will be div will go down something like it will animate…when i tried to press the esc-key all fields will in the form will be clear out ,and the div will go up,. means to say the div will be invisible in the screen…after that when i click back the button…it should alert message saying that “empty fields…etc” something like that…it will alert but the problem is that the div will go down or will animate down ,this div should not be going down or it will not animate first.i tried also in other buttons but still the div will animate down.I don’t know why…should i use the preventDefault() inorder not to fire the event.?

Thank you in advance.

No code?