My Crypto Tool, free for you to use. Lets take our privacy back

I’ve put together a little crypto tool that anyone can use.

Use it offline by opening it off your desktop with any browser.

Make sure your friend also has the tool and your key phrase.

this uses an crypto.js embedded from Jeff M
stackoverflow thread where I trouble shooted this with Jeff M’s help

I noticed my attachment is pending approval so in the meantime you can also check it out the code here – same thing really.
But using the attached version offline will give you better security

Special Thanks to Molonoa ( mod ) for making this thread and attachment happen. I really hope people can make use of this to regain some of the privacy lost thru the centralization fo data and the subsequent monitoring of the powers that be.

Those thanks should be give to @HAWK; our brilliant administrator


version 1 with better instructions available for download here
Free to use, modify, or copy code from. Please share