My code to show sidebar is there still my sidebar is missing in some pages

My code to show sidebar i.e <?php get_sidebar(); ?> is there
but my sidebar is missing here but my sidebar is showing here

Are the two pages using different templates? Go to the edit area for one of the pages and check the righthand side for templates. What does it show there? And is it different from the other page’s template?

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I’m seeing no difference between the two pages; neither shows a sidebar, just a large blank space.

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no they are same templates for all post ,so it seems abnormal

check dis

OK - I see a sidebar there.

The code for it is not in the other two pages. Did you check they’re all using the same template, as @WebMachine suggested?

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ya they are using same templates for all post

Are you sure? From the body classes it looks like the one with the sidebar content uses page.php and the one without the sidebar content uses single.php. It could be that these two files are coded differently.

The page with the sidebar is a main page, whereas the other one is a single blog post entry.


ya im sure ,mostly dis problem is in post like below

sidebar is missing here
but my sidebar is showing here

one with the sidebar content uses page.php is bcoz 2 or 3 pages r only using different templates

but post is the main problem & now my image is also gone

First thing to do would be to validate your code and ensure there are no errors which could be causing this.

Look at the code in the parent theme, not your child theme. See if you can find <?php get_sidebar(); ?> near the bottom of the file single.php. That code is present in page.php.

<?php get_sidebar(); ?> code is dere in single.php

I checked your site again, and the sidebar is now displaying on all the pages that I looked at.

i changed theme temprorary .I sent u files did u check that

Please keep all the information and discussion in the public forum. If you send files through private messaging, other members don’t have the opportunity to help you and you miss out on their input.

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For security i did that

Right now, I feel like you are blind-folding me then asking me to see what the problem is. If both files are calling the sidebar, then there is another issue, but if you have changed the theme, there is no way of checking the source code of the theme that is causing the problem. And that is all we have to go on, because you are using a premium theme and I really don’t want to have to buy it to try to duplicate the missing sidebar issue.

Did you validate the HTML? You had elements in your page which were not closed correctly; fixing those might help fix the layout problems. It would at least eliminate one possible cause.

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2 days site went offline ,so I did that

did u check files i sent u ?what else you need tell me I’ll send you

can you show that element to fix it