My cleared div jumps correct with outline?

I’m cleaning up my css rules in testing. This is in part moving the rules to an external file and eliminating unused rules. This has been oddly difficult as I started with a working page and when I added the rules as a link things started shifting and breaking.

Strange. The basic layout is a three “layer” page: one column (width= 900px), three column (3x290px), one column (900px). The problem was Layer 2/Column 1 is jumping up into empty space in Layer 1. To put a band aid on it I wrapped L2/C1-3 in a div with clear: both property. This worked fine with the CSS rules in the head element. When I moved the CSS to a linked file, L2/C1 jumped back into Layer 1. And I was careful.

Even stranger. When I turn on the outline tool in Mozilla’s WebDev Toolbar, the col jumps back down to col one. Its supposed to be the other way; when you add a border the box gets bigger!


Hi xtiansimon,

This would be a lot clearer if you posted an example. Please post a link or the code you are working with.