My Blog Is Not Indexing - What am I doing wrong


My blog is not indexing for some reason.

Am I doing something wrong?


In my case, I ping my blog everytime I made changes on it.

By the way, here are my pinging sites. Take note of it.

Have you tried pinging your blog?

How old your blog is? if it is already 6months above then, there’s something wrong here. Hmm. Maybe google is not yet showing you the indexed pages. Let’s wait for the next update.

I have check your site indexed by google About 58 results (0.21 seconds)


You have one link to your blog now :slight_smile:

How long have you had this site? If it’s new it could take some time.

Do you have backlinks? You need them for Google to know you exist.

Did you ping your site?

That’s just blatant self-promotion guys.
Australiaseo, I never miss with an article with link to a new site, it gets indexed in a matter of hours… :wink:

I think this is a spam post because the website was already crawled by Google on 13 Jun 2010 02:56:09 GMT according to Google’s cache report to that site. So the index should be sooner it crawled and this thread was posted on July 11th! So confirmed its spam! But I wonder how others show interest to find some solutions to such things! :wink:

Submit your article to Digg, reditt and propeller. This will help you in indexing sites within 24 hours. This worked for me.