My blog has 1k + pages how do i remove non

My blog has 1k + pages how do i remove non performing pages from my site

Step 1: Identify non performing pages.
Step 2: Delete those pages.

(Ask an insanely broad question, get insanely broad answers…)

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Are you saying you have been using Wordpress for several years and haven’t worked out how to delete a page?

A quick Internet search provides numerous guides. For example:


I mentioned that I want to remove non performing pages from my site

non performing pages means they are not ranking in ggogle search & i posted it in social media forum

admin plz asssign query in social media forum

What has your topic got to do with social media?

Your thread has nothing to do with social media.

Right, but ‘non performing’ means a lot of different things, to a lot of different people. So you have to DEFINE your terms.

Every page you put into the search engine crawl ‘ranks’. I assume you’re trying to say ‘doesnt rank highly’, in which case you have to define what ‘highly’ means to you.

You will still have to find a way to MEASURE these things; there’s not a button somewhere that says “Find non performing pages”, you’re going to have to put forth some effort to figure it out for yourself.


Plz suggest me if you know how to monitor the page rank of say 1500 article

I dont know how to search best content on my site as there are so many article

How do you know you have “non-performing” pages if you have no way to monitor them?

Is your question actually:
“How can I tell which pages have the fewest visitors?”


Its not working after 11 year of launch due to spin content sent by many bklogger

Then I would suggest your first task would be to sort out your site and get it working correctly again.

There is little anyone can do to help you if your site is broken.

Is this question related to your earlier thread?

no this question is not related

If you have a wordpress website. Please login. Go to pages. Click on pages. Now look that page which your are want to delete. There is option. Send your page into trash folder.

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