My backlinks not been indexed

I have a plumbing website

which I’ve building links using various different techniques. But the issue is that the link which I’ve built are not showing in the backlinks. I’ve checked in Google webmaster tools and ahref tool also few others to check the backlinks. But what I dont understand is that the links which I’ve been built like some of the Infographics and videos been submitted are been crawled and showing in google but not showing the backlinks how is it possible and what should be the issue? Is anyone having similar issues?

These are few examples which is showing in google but not in the backlinks

Backlinks are meant to indicate that people have genuinely seen value in your content and have thus linked to it for the benefit of their site visitors. That’s what Google is looking for, and that’s clearly not what’s happening here. You are trying to fool Google, and it’s not interested. I recommend you read up on what Google says about SEO to avoid wasting more of your time. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your reply so you think that by submitting to directories like Yelp or creating a video is fooling google? Its a business directory.

Two of those sites have links to your site - both are rel="nofollow"

The other links to your site via a redirect.

The net effect is that when others Search, these sites will compete with yours for SERP positioning.

  • BUT - your site may get traffic from those landing on those sites and clicking through if they don’t get distracted by the many cross-referenced self-pages those sites link to.
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Yep. It’s all fake linking and a waste of time—at least in terms of backlink credit. I’ve been there, way back in the day, and it’s a total waste of time. Maybe if people visited those directories you’d get some natural traffic, but of course, no one does. :slight_smile:

Even if they are no follow they still be showing on backlinks?

If you have a link to a Google source reference indicating they would, please share.
AFAIK, Google means what it says when it says it disregards nofollow links.

Why do you think there are sites still ranking with these links then? I know Google asked to build links with good content and content is the king etc… But Im following what competitors are doing. And my question is why links are not been indexed not why am I not ranking? thanks anyways

My guess is they do the same and the links are nofollow or redirects.

IMHO spend your time and energy on making your site worth linking to and let others put the links to it in their sites pages of their own volition.

I highly doubt Google ever asked for links to be “built”

Because you put the links there. And as I said, what you have done is reduce the chance of your site’s position in the SERPs

I very much doubt that there are. There’s SO much SEO nonsense banging around the Internet, it’s quite sad, really. The message about good SEO is out there and has been repeated a million times, but it’s still getting drowned out by the SEO gamer noise. :frowning:

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Yes agree

I’m not arguing. Cheer up. You may have damaged the “SEO” but there is an increased chance you will get more traffic.

And what matters more, having others see your site come up in the SERPs or having others go to the site?

As I said, the links are nofollow or redirects, Google disregards them as being backlinks.

Again, if you know of a Google source that confirms this, please share.

Huh? It is not my intention to annoy.

I simply asked you to back up your statement.

You can index your backlinks manually by using Google Search Console:

Why does it matter to you if those links are indexed or show up on backlinks?
According to Google, the links are worthless with regard to ranking.

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We’ve had discussions on this elsewhere in the forums, and the general consensus is that no tool shows all backlinks, so your situation is not entirely surprising. Google actually states this:

Not all links to your site may be listed.

That article contains more information you may find helpful. I would also suggest you read

[quote=“AjitKhodke, post:21, topic:216955”]
You can index your backlinks manually by using Google Search Console:
[/quote]That’s for submitting new pages, not for trying to get pages with your links crawled.

If you have a new URL, tell us about it here.

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