My BackLinks aren't showing up

My website is very very new… around a month and two weeks to be exact… but I started my link building about two weeks ago and when I go to check them with different back link tools I am getting the you have 0 back links answer still… Is this because my website is still very very new or am I possible doing something wrong…??? I am pretty sure I am posting them to “do follow” blogs, directories, and social bookmarking sites…

Give it some time, indexing and search are not overnight… or over a couple week process.

Your site is new, backlinks are counted need time, be patient and so on everything will be ok. You should post your link in high PR site, maybe links will be counted as backlinks in lower time

Ya as your website is new google will take some time to depict your backlinks. No need to worry about that keep on proceeding your link building and by side check it in webmaster tools section…

I want to know that from how much time you are making the backlinks of your website. You website is very new that’s why backlinks checker tool taking time in fetching the result.

Alright, that’s 4 answers confirming the same understanding… Let’s keep any future posts to new perspectives or tips about dealing with this. Thanks all.


A better way to check backlinks is to create and login to your google webmasters account. It will show you a more comprehensive list. But still far from the actual amount…

Be patient. It generally takes time for links to really give benefit. I’ve been aggressively building links to a few select pages over the last couple of months, and it’s just now that I’m really starting to see quantifiable improvement.