My adwords ads aren't showing any more

Thank you in advance.

I’m newish to Adwords and about a month ago put a successful bunch of campaigns on hold while tried changing my site H1/Window Title Tags as an experiment. - The ads were showing for my desired, targeted phrases (on for around £1.50, to appear in position 1.
I have now reverted the H1/Window Titles to their previous highly targeted versions, and ‘un-paused’ the campaigns, but most are now shown as:

“Rarely shown due to low quality score”

  • Keyword Relavence 2/10

And either don’t show-up at all or occasionally show in position 1, if I increase the original bid - by 50% to £2.80 : They never show at any lower positions now, which they used to.
Howevering over keyword “Status” shows all fine except “Poor” Keyword relavence. Which mystifies me, as they worked great previoulsy, and I thought they were/are highly targeted. Please critique:

Ad Sarch Keywords: “northwood computer repair” and “northwood computer repairs” (I switch with Phrase and Exact Match - neither seems to improve the ‘Quality’)

Ad Text: Northwood Computer Repair
Computer Problems?CALL 01923 821848
Qualified Courteous Experienced

(I also have an identical ad. with a title of: “Computer Repair Northwood”)

Campaign Settings:
UK only, in a 6 mile radius of town “Northwood”.

Target page H1/Window Title Tags: “Computer Repair and Support in Northwood, HA6,
and surrounding Areas by Avanti Computer Services”

Target Page body content: Very small, but targeted and relavaent.

Has the adwords algo. changed drastically in the lasty month?
Any ideas where I’m going wrong all of a sudden?

Looking at your ads you should be ok. Have you heard about the adwords ban recently?

Hi sweetfranky

Thank you for your time.

What Adwords ban would that be?


I’m still having problems with ‘ads not showing’.
For example I have an ad. identical to the above one, except that it is titled:
“Pinner Computer Repair”

It’s not showing at all, with bids of £1.05 (quite high).
The adwords diagnostic tool tells me:
“You have no ads that match the search term pinner computer repair”

Ridiculous, when I have 2 variations of that exact phrase in my keywords.
Any ideas?

Hi Avanti,

I can’t think of what is causing your problem as I have never had a problem to date with Adwords. If you haven’t already, you could try and delete the whole adgroup and create the ad from scratch. Another thing you could do it email google directly here:

I also managed to find a discussion going on about low quality scores:

I hope this helps,

They may ban a website if the landing page does not comply with the ‘landing page and site quality guidelines’.

Thanks again guys

The above ‘pinner computer repair’ example is for a brandnew campaign and group : Same problem.

Regarding the ‘Quality Score’: I only achive a lowly 3/10, but have green for Keyword/Landing Quality/Landing Load Time: But nothing is RED.
My understanding is they ban your ad/keyword only if one of these cats. is RED.

Thank you again, I will look at the links you posted.


For what it’s worth, on the above issue, I looked in to in it, and found nothing sensible to change.

But after 2 weeks, the problem has just disappeared for no discernable reason.
My ads are now showing for the keyword terms I enter.

All very odd.

I think it would be better if you once again check your adwords campaign as there might be some small mistake which we may ignore… !!!

Try new account with Adwords

3/10 and it has the possibility to dip lower and that could bring you some trouble, I’d look more into this.

3/10 is a great reason for your ads not to show although Google will generally flag an issue that stops them openly. Be sure to look through each of the tabs and not just the keywords and you may have an ad copy issue or, if you drill deeper, find that your quality score is the problem but that this isn’t reflected on the top level adgroup page.

It’s either due to your low score (please work on that, it can really help your site overall, it’s telling you your doing something wrong so pay attention) or just contact Google and ask them what’s up. Their forums and advice usually work out pretty well, you can get a lot of expert opinions from their Q&A.