My Adsense ads are hidden, Why? Please help

Hello everyone

I have one adsense account and i am using it on 2 sites from past 8 months. But from yesterday night ads are not displaying on one of my site ( while ads are displaying on my other site ( But the confusing thing is that i can see clicks in Statcounter account. Please help. How do i contact adsense Team regarding this issue. Please help me out.

Have you click on your own ads recently? If so your account might get disabled.

Take a look at this article.

Is it possible that your site was down for a while last night? If so, it could be that th AdSense crawler was unable to visit it, and so couldn’t decide what ads to serve. If that’s the case, it should rectify itself in a day or so.

Or, do you know any other reason that the crawler couldn’t get access? Did you add any of the relevant pages to your robots.txt file, for example?

Also, are you sure the ads really aren’t showing up? The issue might be specific to your browser (like ad-blocking software, or disabling JavaScript). Try viewing the site from another browser or another computer.

Finally, you asked how to contact the AdSense team. You can’t. The best you can is to use the AdSense Troubleshooter to try to figure out the reason.


Adsense tends to show a blank screen when there are insufficient ads that match your sites content. This normally means that there are not enough advertisers pay to advertise on your site.

It is most likely what Paid Surveys has said, I’ve had similar happen to me before. This would also explain why only one of your sites isn’t displaying ads.

It is highly possible that adsense crawler can’t find any content from your site that is relevant to any of their ads. Try adding more content and see if that will work.

If adsense disables account, it would show something like cannot display on the adspace. It would not be blank.

Actually, I’m not sure that’s correct. I believe it would display blank space in those circumstances (but I’m not 100 percent sure about that).