MVP in C# WinForms

Does anyone have a link to a decent article demonstrating an MVP implementation in C# and WinForms? I’ve googled quite a bit and found some examples and one very high level example that doesn’t show the implementation of the update code when the view updates the presenter and presenter updates the model (via reflection in the case, but there no example of that).

Want to put together a simple example of this together in order to “own” this knowledge :smiley:

Well I’ll bump my own post with this I found…its a good example of MVC with passive view. Close, but not quite what I was looking for.

Check out Jeremy Millers CAB series:

Consider the MVC# framework at

Citation from the main page: MVC# - is a Model-View-Presenter framework for .NET platform. It allows taking advantage of the MVP pattern with minimal effort required. As a result applications gain 3-tier structure, become better structured and easier to maintain.

I’ve been using this framework for three last years and I have to admit it’s stable, mature and well done piece of code, although abandoned by the Author. You’ll have to explore its structure and learn documentation and examples (especially!) to use it efficiently. Of course free for commercial use. You can use it with WinForms, WebForms, Silverlight and Compact Framework.