MVC2 Error

I Installed and set up a MVC2 website in VS2008

I followed this tutorial

but I got a 404 message.
very very frustrated…

This is my setup

Then When I played it

Thanks for the responses!!!

That’s not a 404. It’s a directory listing. Try using a default.aspx. You shouldn’t specifically need it but you have to have your server settings properly set.

Thank you for the response imaginekitty
pardon for my confusion, actually yeah its a directory listing, but what is the reason behind this?
I also have this error, when I build the project.

I am running on this
Please see screenshot

Please help! Thanks

Did you try what I suggested?

Sorry I forgot to ask where will I put it?
cause if you will read the tutorial in they didnt suggest to have a default.aspx?


Got it worked… I need to install MVC1…
Question are the features in MVC2 is inherited in 1?

I added the default.aspx under the MVC2 and just blank page…

In MVC1 it worked!!!