MVC 3 RTM is out

Visit to get your installation of MVC 3 RTM.

Bah, I haven’t even looked at MVC2 yet.

Same boat as me… MVC 3 is out but i haven’t fully looked over MVC 2. I am in the middle of a book to learn MVC 2 then i will look the version 3.

Nice, will definitely put it to test

Yeah, I’m pumped for this release. I was actually waiting for this release before jumping into the deep end to start a project. Not much documentation on MVC 3, but time will change that. No dead-tree for at least 2 months, but I will be hitting the online resources as much as I can. That is the bad thing of bleeding technology, not much online code.

Thanks for the heads-up.

I believe MVC 2 is compatible with MVC 3 practices ?

Btw. (Since there is no book on MVC at SitePoint) If anyone looking for a very good book. Consider “Pro ASP.NET MVC 2 Framework” from Apress. It is highly rated. If this sentence go against forum rules… please delete it. I was just giving some ressource to ppl who would want to learn the framework. The edition of MVC 3 will be out in May.

I have the first edition. I’m not going to get MVC2, I’ll just wait until September (they are notorious for not coming out on the announced dates). :stuck_out_tongue:

Your best bet is to refer to the release notes for what’s new. You can apply anything you used from Mvc2 to Mvc3.

One of the big features for me is:

Expressive Views including the new Razor View Engine

For me, this has the ability to be a game-changer for those who want to give Microsoft a try, but are happy with the ease of use they receive from languages like PHP. I used Razor a few months ago when it was shipped as part of WebMatrix and it was an absolute joy to use for small websites. With all the trouble that PHP gets for being insecure and a mess of a language I really hope that more people push Razor and the rest of ASP.NET as a viable alternative.

I agree. Can’t wait to check out the Razor View Engine. I know MVC 3 is out but i still wanna learn MVC 2 first then i will move to MVC 3 on due time.

Well if you have the first edition you better wait for the third edition as you said. I got the MVC 2 edition because the MVC 3 edition will take a long time before it get out. After the book i plan to learn about new release notes and all and i will move to MVC 3.

Just try not to rely on the “dynamic” keyword too much, if at all. Keep using strongly typed views.

What the dynamic keyword ? Similar to dataview[…] ? i prefer strongly typed view anyway.

Heh no. It defines a variable as late-bound (type to be resolved at runtime). Also note that the renamed ViewBag also supports this, and it is still best to use typed view models with it. Dynamic variables and properties are a bit harder to test.

Razor is pretty awesome, along with the new validation.

Of course, the big MVC stuff we’ve got was built on 1.0 and at this point needs a near complete rebuild to get to where it should be. Yay.

I’m in the process of compiling resources for MVC 3, right now I have and a couple of blogs, where is everyone getting their MVC info from, if you are studying it?

Because it is new, I understand their is not much documentation of developers writing small apps and snippets of the new features.

Thanks guys.

Mostly Gu’s blog.

Here some links regarding Entity Framework 4 and the Code-First approach (Currently CTP 5)

-Some question i asked on StackOverFlow about relationship in EF4 and Code-First

Ive read a bit on each topics… but i believe i will have to read them all to have a solid understanding on how all this work with MVC 3. If i ever have more questions i ask them in StackOverFlow or Expert Exchange.

Things to note :

  • Code-First RTM will be released First Q1 2011.

Would be nice if anyone would contribute their ressources on this.