Mutiple Sites / Application on Godaddy Hosting

Hi guys and gals,

Currently I have 2 domains hosted on 1 Godaddy Deluxe Linux hosting plan, both domains have Wordpress application installed on its respective roots.

I also plan to add more domains and applications to my hosting and would like to make the installation tidy, so it would look like this

/root/first-domain (Wordpress, directory for the first domain)
/root/second-domain (Wordpress, directory for the second domain)
/root/third-domain (Wordpress and or maybe other applications, directory for the third domain)
/root/other-applications (directory for other apps)

Yesterday I uninstall the Wordpress app on my first domain (was suppose to be the primary), manually created a new folder using FTP (Filezilla) re-install Wordpress on that folder and set my domain according to this links:

But I got this error message when I open my site:

“This website is temporarily unavailable, please try again later.”

I have waited for almost 24 hours, and I can’t access my hosting using Filezilla (I believe because I have made the root not accessible …?). I also have a Facebook application hosted and received a similar message when I tried to run it.

What is the correct steps to achieve it? They (my domain and Facebook application) are still on early development stage, so if it is easier, I have no problem of uninstalling / “resetting” them.

SEO wise, is there a disadvantage of this domain structure?

Can anyone help me with this issues please? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

PS: I have sent the same message to Godaddy support, and still waiting for their answer. Not that I don’t trust them, they’ve been very, very helpful to me so far, but because it is always nice to have more opinions / guidance :slight_smile:

Have you checked your web application settings? It looks like you put it on maintenance and that’s why get this message.

Hi ServerPoint,

Turned out I forwarded my domain to a new directory while it is unnecessary, since Godaddy automatically mapping my domain to a new one. I was forwarding my domain to itself… kinda like doing the same thing twice.