Mute Firefox Sound

is there any way to mute firefox sound in windows xp.

Are you sure you mean Firefox and not Songbird? Or are you talking about websites that have sound or video/audio files playing in the background because Firefox doesn’t make its own sounds.

Yes, i am talking about mozilla firefox. Actually i want to mute all sounds that are coming from any web. I am using windows xp.
Is that possible?

Press the mute button in the ‘Sounds and Audio Devices’ section of Windows XP.

Now I understand you meant ‘embedded audio’ within web pages, which isn’t really to do with the browser itself.

However, there will be add-ons available that should help you. (Stop Autoplay embed music, etc.) (mute Flash audio) (block Flash objects, etc.)

Other than extensions you’d probably have to edit the Fx profile files.

I have found some other solution to do that. check them

Would be so simple to do in Windows Vista/7. Just sayin…

Also, the above links, above my post. Do not do what you want. Its only changing the appearance of the Volume Mixer.

Yes you are right but i have to do it in windows xp. That’s the client requirement.
And thanks for informing me, i couldn’t check it in windows xp. I had forwarded this links to my developers. Now they will search some other software like that.

You cannot do it in Windows XP. It doesn’t not have that functionality.
This feature was introduced in Windows Vista when the audio sub-system was rewritten.

Ok fine. Is there any other solution?