Music suggestion?

I like Run and Chasing cars by Snow Patrol and Nirvana’s music which are slow. Am sick of my old list. Any suggestion?

If you like Nirvana, you might also Like Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Audioslave, and Queens of the Stone Age, to name a few.

Gosh, I sound like an Amazon ad…




Hey, I like them and I also like U2, and Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains… why not?

offspring, alice cooper, lou reed, ozzy, iron maiden, nightwish, RATM, red hot chili peppers etc…

There’s nothing wrong with Aerosmith. They’re great musicians, just not my cup of tea. :smiley:

Check out The Frames. They also make this slower, acoustic music you seem to like.

If you like the band, go watch the movie Once, the lead player is the singer of that band :slight_smile:

If you like Snow Patrol then check out a band called They Promised Us Jetpacks. Silly name, but their debut album is superb.

Music differentiates for me actually. depends on my mood, what im doing and the setting im in. At the gym ill listen to some hard core, or rock and roll. party or club scene i like electronic techno and hip hop; and just relaxing ill play some good old fashion: Elton John, Beatles, the Carpenters and such.

After this thread I’m just kinda not liking Nirvana. So its out of list. Its quite slow and old type of music. I don’t know how to mention my favourite music. Ok, not a slow nor a fast one. Neither too much rock stuff nor sadness.

Led Zeppelin

Of some Slayer.

If you like slow, moody music you ought to check out Morphine. Super cool band.

Also, I can’t pass up any music thread without giving a shout out to Van Halen, my all time favorite…even if it’s not really a good recommendation for the particular request :slight_smile: