Music on website

I have no idea if this is the right forum for my question? For a Music Bar website i’m working on the owners wanted some music. So i asked a good dj friend of my to make a mix of 2 min in a loop, which he made. I’m now looking for a way to display it a proper way. Im looking for those little music leds with just on and off buttons next to them. What is the best way to do this? jQuery, Flash. Please advise. It’s the last part and I have to deliver tomorrow .

Thank you in advance

Here is how I did it with flash.

Eric your my hero of the day :slight_smile: Thanks for that link! Realy looked for every possible combination on Google (Music Leds, Music Bars etc). Thanks again

I believe you. Putting music on your site is not easy.

Hi Eric, I have something very odd going on with the music player. I followed all your steps on your website. Initially it is playing, but when I reload the page or open the page for a second time it Isn’t any longer. Do you have any ideawhat the reason for this can be?

Thank you in advance,

Hi Eric. Please forget the previous message, I got it working. I have one last question though, how can I mae it so that the song start again when the button is not pressed?

Thank you in advance

I some how never noticed that before. :frowning: I dont know. You could try putting more songs in the xml page?

I actualy just want to have one song. It’s kind of a mix in a loop. I will see if i cand find something. Thanks anyway Eric

Try putting the same song in the XML a few times. Maybe it will loop.