Music and navigation


I have a question according having an option of playing background music on a website.

Of course, not auto-play when entering the site, because that’s pretty annoying.

Question: can you put somewhere on a site a music player that keeps on playing while navigating content on the site? This without having frames/iframes ?

Before, I had such a site with a small frame where the player was nested, the navigation and content was in the other frame, so the music kept playing.

Because of frames/iframes or not SEO friendly I din’t want to choose this option.
I tried aswel with a PHP navigation that changes content in a particular DIV, but than it refreshes the page and the music stops and has to start over again.

Are there other methods to solve this problem?


No, but if someone has chosen to hear the music and had to click to open the popup then I think they will be able to track it down :slight_smile:

I only other solution I can think of (which might work on a small site) is to have all the content on the one page and use a combination of css and javascript to show the correct content when the user clicks on the menu.

That way you could still have the music playing uninterupted because the page would not have to reload.

That’s about the only other SEO friendly option I can come up with.

Personally I would probably just forget the music :wink:

You could pop out the music player into another window.

That would be a solution indeed.
But most people don’t like popups.
Afterwards, when they visit another webpage, the music keeps on playing. They have to search for their popup again to close it. Maybe not that convenient.