Multiple (x50) use of h2?

Hello, I’m recoding this page to CSS and changing lots of things. I know that it’s fine to have multiple h2’s on one page. But this page in question is quite large. So if I went that route each blue heading would be a h2 and there are like 50 of them. Would that still be ok seo wise you think?

It won’t matter. What I would think about, though, is if it would make sense to divide that page into smaller pages instead of having one big page. In terms of SEO, you could target more relevant keywords with more pages. In terms of usability, shorter and well organized pages are easier to read.

Thanks for your reply. It’s a handbook so it all needs to be one page. It’s laid out well. I did post the google short URL link but then the new sitepoint thing changed it to my pages title name so I had to remove it.

It doesn’t matter if you have a load of h2 in your page form SEO prospective but if you would like my suggestions it is better to use combination of h2 & h3 to differentiate between important headlines and less important ones.
Readers love to see structured topics, specially if it is a large page as you have mentioned. If all heading are equally weighted a reader is sometimes confused specially while scrolling.

I don’t think there is problem in it. I suggest just include your keywords in it.

According to this page, use only 1 H1s and 1-2 H2s only on a page to emphasize your major keywords. Then the rest, use H3s.

If I was you I would have one h1, one h2, a few h3s and then maybe use span class on the other headers to keep the styling.

Thanks guys. After reading around, I gathered there really is no set rule. If your page has 50 headings then use 50 headings. So im going with the 50 h2’s. If it made sense to use some h3’s as I went down the page I would. But there is nothing different about the headings to justify a heading change.