Multiple "WWW"s make facebook work! (if it's blocked)

Ok, so at our school “” is blocked as it is at many other organisations and institutions all over the planet.

There are many obvious known ways to bypass it. For example using proxy sites - although your better IT department will not overlook something like this so these are commonly blocked also.

Anyway since proxies were blocked (at our school) people started using “https” (secure) to access facebook but now that has been blocked by our IT dept so someone randomly discovered another way of gaining access!

Putting any amount (it seems) of "www"s before “” allows you access. After about three days the IT dept catch on and block it but then we just use 10 www’s then 11 then 12.

For instance putting the following into the address bar works!!! -

This is baffling to me - obviously facebook has not set up the above subdomain/'s so why does this work???

If I try it with any other site it doesn’t work… and I wouldn’t expect it to but with facebook, for some reason… it works perfectly!

It’s probably a faulty server configuration issue.

Way to (screw up) go, Facebook. facepalms

Maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned it here - I should have reported [celebrated] it! [in private]

Your school IT department will come around your house with beers to thank you :smiley:

(if, they read SitePoint forums :wink: )

^ I thought about the consequences of me posting here but I honestly doubt that any of the IT dept visit these forums. They barely have enough time to fix the internet when it’s down, so I doubt they have the time to drop into SP…

Plus, I think they already know.

Any amount of "www"s from 1 to ~20 will get blocked but if I try 21 upwards it seems to work. It really is strange how this works! … awesome but strange…

I guess it is a sign of the times that the school yard is being replaced by communication between peers in the computer rooms :smiley:

Enjoy it while it lasts.

On another note, do you think it is justifiable for schools to block access to these sites? I mean, if you want to check your facebook on break or lunch then why not surely? I guess it is to stop mayhem in lessons where computer access is required, but how many lessons do you have with computers involved? In my day it was only really I.T lessons.

I wonder why they haven’t just blocked any domain name that ends in “”? Perhaps neither RegExp nor wildcard-characters are available to them.

It’s also odd that they haven’t just blocked Facebook’s IP address(es).

I, for one, have mixed feelings about restricting access to non-offensive sites like that.

@andy - It’s really just ICT lessons where it is possible to gain access, most other lessons are carried out without computers in the hands of students. I think the main reason they’ve blocked it is because some really stupid people have posting offensive content online. Some idiots posted a vid on youtube apparently - of them beating up someone else in the school - It got taken off before I got to see it though so I can give no details… Plus plenty of other school block it so I guess our IT dept have just jumped on the bandwagon - actually it was more likely to have been one of the noobs within the management ranks who made the decision.

I honestly believe that the entire internet should be available to EVERYONE.

It is our responsibility to be responsible! :smiley:

@Kravvits - You’d think they’d have a better system in place but apparently not. They use something called web marshal - I think it does basic stuff like scanning URL strings and page content - nothing too fancy, but still like you said, one would expect them to at least check the URL for “” or just “facebook” …

Here is an example of what I recieve if something has been blocked:

Then run for government office or the school board

Or get a job in the IT department and rise through the ranks to become a manager or director. But Vinnie’s idea gives you more power (and responsibility, and accountability)…

When it comes to schools you can’t do jack to set policy as an IT director until you’re at the district level or higher (state/fed). And then you have to deal with information freedom fighters your whole career

They iz on Sitepoint eatin your gradez

I cannot think of a worse fate than to be employed at an IT Department at a School… (so sorry if anyone here works at one)

there are several sites that does the same. for example
these websites use a proxy server that the university/college’s server does not know about.

I used to think that when I was at school, until one time when a teacher left the room and someone from my class managed to get onto a beastiality website. Kids search up the craziest things…

Especcially if you’ve got skills.

We have a network manager here who could easily be working at a much more interesting place - possibly a government agency etc. etc. - but he decides to work in a school!!!?

Why exactly does stopping social interaction further your school’s interests?

Lamesauce. I say. That’s like people preaching abstinence… no offense intended to anyone.

Because Facebook and other social networking applications can and have been used for grooming youngsters and are not considered ‘safe’. What people/kids do on their own computers is up to them but the schools have a duty of care under the loco parentis to protect the children.

It also absolves them of responsibility if anything does happen.

^ Good point, but a little grim nonetheless :frowning:

ok so the real reason may be that you can lose HOURS of a day on myspace/facebook/youporn :smiley: