Multiple web.configs

Hey, i want to put different projects in different folders. So where would be a root folder/project 1 root/ project 2. only problem it will contain multiple web.config files on the server.

how do i manage my web.config to target a specific web config.
I am on a shared hosting account.

Well, the root will be the place where all the sites read it from. But then each sub-folder will also read it from that folder, and read its own web.config and then combine them. So if you add a submodule or something on the root web.config, it will be available on all sub-folders, unless in those specific sub folders web.config’s, you remove them.

Depending on the shared setup, you should be able to make each folder it’s own application and thereby have independent web.configs (and everything else). Note this kind of precludes running an ASP.NET app in the root, at least for straightforward setups.

Yeah your hosting provider should provide a tool for marking a folder as a ‘web application’. If they don’t then you’ll probably have to request through their support to do it for you. Whichever folders you mark, ASP will look for the root web.config for that application within that root folder.