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I’m just starting out, have about 5 good ideas for sites I will build but each will take some time. I’m wondering what other people are doing when they say they created 20-30 sites in a month… are they just blogs or similar? It’s going to take me a while to build mine as they are quite interactive and database driven.

a website is simply a collection of web pages.

perhaps those 20-30 sites per month were single page websites.

Possibly, but it makes me wonder what type of sites they are and how could they make money off them?

Can you please introduce me to those people? I would be more than happy to employ them. That is what I call steady working :slight_smile:

Off Topic:

a wise person once told me


everything else being equal it’s quality, not quantity that counts


It may include community, blogs, news websites, informational Websites, e-commerce websites, social networking and the list goes on. Honestly, it does not take much time to get a site up and running… for eg if you plan to have a community on your website, you can easily do that in few clicks by using a one click script installer or may be by just downloading the script/application and installing it on your website. What matters is how you make it a successful website.

Coming on to earning from them, users prefer placing adsense, affiliate programs, auctions, selling products etc.

Very wise words Kalon. :slight_smile:

What is your definition of: it does not take much time

The answer is not as much time as you think :wink:

Installing blogs, community, social networking websites has become pretty fast nowadays. Within few clicks you are up and ready with a website.

It is not that difficult to do 30 sites for a month. If you use the same design and a GOOD database it is possible :slight_smile:

At this point I would like to refer to the quote made by Kalon one more time,

everything else being equal it’s quality, not quantity that counts
and rest my case. No further questions.

20 - 30 sites isn’t really that many if your talking a basic open source set-up. Pretty much amounting to:

Buying domain
Finding host (if not your own)
Installing said open source package

All of which can be done, in under an hour with something like WordPress. 20 - 30 WP sites isn’t really that impressive. Its just a matter of churning out the same crap over and over. It really doesn’t take much knowledge of web development at all to set-up most open source content management systems. I myself would rather slit my throat than work somewhere were the goal was just to churn out the same repetitive crap, day after day at rock bottom prices. As a programmer I take pride in delivering solutions that fit specific circumstances, not using the same crap day after day because it takes two seconds to install. The open source stuff is good in moderation, not for everything and anything just because its quick, without customization. People who can just install something like WP, pick a theme and push it out aren’t web developer, they are –insert name of popular cms here– installers.

I agree with you oddz :slight_smile:

Being the naive noob I am, I guess I didn’t even consider doing something like this. My ideas are all application oriented, not content based. Being a hard core techie, that suits me fine :slight_smile:

According to me whenever i used cms like zoomla, wordpress, membo then i think done multiple website in one month using only customization