Multiple paypal accounts for multiple sites?

Hi guys,

Bit of a Paypal newbie here so I apologise if this is a simple or obvious question.

I have a client for whom I set up an online store last year using Paypal IPN. There were no problems and everything continues to run smoothly.

Now that same client wants a second website, also an online store, completely independent of the first.

Paypal’s user agreement prohibits multiple accounts - fair enough.

However since Paypal’s IPN system only allows you to enter one notification URL when payments are received, that poses a problem as that account will only be able to notify one website of a transaction.

What happens in this case?

Both websites are registered as seperate businesses and have seperate bank accounts, they’re just owned by the same person - does this bypass the ‘multiple user’ restriction?

Any help is appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

You can also operate unlimited paypal
accounts as long as you route them through
separate corporations. So if he really thinks this
is best for his business, then he needs to open
multiple corporations.

This is easily done but costs approximately $100
to $500 / per year per corporation.

ServerPoint, Trey, Stephen, thank you very much for your responses! Most helpful. :slight_smile:

Paypal allow one personal Paypal account per person and one business Paypal account per business. So yes if they are separately registered businesses then you can set up separate Paypal accounts for each and will in fact need to do so in order to keep the income and expenditure of each business separated from the others.

If the payments are originating from your website, then you can include a “notify_url” in your request, along with the price, description, etc. PayPal will then use this URL for IPN notifications for that transaction.

See “Dynamically Setting the Notification URL”


I believe you can use various paypal emails withing the same paypal account. But one paypal account per one credit card is allowed.
I can be mistaken and I recommend you ask paypal directly about that.