Multiple Nivo Sliders across a site

I have searched the forum for an answer to this but nothing seems to specifically meet my need.

I have a Nivo slider on each page of a site. The first page I put it on works fine, any other slider will not work the area that should be the slider simply appears as a block of colour.

I initially thought that changing the id’s would make no difference as each slider is on a separate page but decided to give it a go anyway as I had no other idea as to what it might be causing the problem.

So, I have tried renaming the id’s of the subsequent sliders (i.e #slider2 etc) and changing the call to the function at the bottom of the page to match this for example;

$(window).load(function() {

and also adding these id’s to the CSS to ensure the styles are applied to the new id’s but nothing seems to work see here

Please ignore the quality of the images, I need to get it working first before I can worry about that. You will see that the Community page has a slider that works fine, but the Childcare, Education and Training & Employment pages just show a block of grey.

Ignore the rest of the pages I have not implemented the slider on these yet.

I have a feeling I have made a silly rookie mistake somewhere but can not find it or even come up with any ideas as to what it might be.

Any/all help/advise/suggestions much appreciated…I am approaching the deadline for this project so seriuosly anything at all will help me loads.

Thanks in advance,

never mind folks it WAS a rookie mistake, I was calling in the jQuery 1.4.2 file twice. removed the duplicate script tag and all is working fine.

tired eyes!